Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Birthday Conversations

2 Weeks Ago

"I don't want a party for my birthday."
"I don't want a party."
"Okay, fine."

1 Week Ago

"I don't want you to get me anything for my birthday."
"Are you sure? I think the kids might like to get you a little something."
"I don't want anything."
"Okay, fine."

Last Weekend (shopping with daughter)

"Shall we pick up Daddy a card?"
"Well, you know he did say he didn't want anything for his birthday."
"Yeah, that's right."


"I was surprised that no one got me a birthday card."
"You said you didn't want anything."
"I didn't say I didn't want a card."


Lunar Lunacy

Did anyone catch it? You know, about a month or so ago?

That was when NASA decided to bomb the moon. Yes, BOMB the moon! You know, that lunar orb so bright in the night time sky? The same one that affects the cycles of women on earth?

Since that time I've had 2, (yes 2) periods! Thanks a lot NASA for interfering with my cycle!


The following is a conversation relayed to me, by my daughter, between her and a friend.

Daughter: "You know how every person kinda has a different scent?"
Friend: "Yeah, it's weird! Usually it's how their home smells."
Daughter: "Yeah, like you smell like fabric softener."
Friend: "Oh, really? Thanks. You smell like soup."


It's Election Day!
Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Which brings me to my funny election story.

Yesterday, I had one lone election sign, for a good friend of ours, in the back of my yard facing a well traveled road. 

I left to go to the grocery store and upon my return, a mere 30 minutes later, this is what I saw. 

Can't leave those wily election signs alone for one moment! 


Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank you all for your very kind comments in reference to yesterday's post on the kids' Halloween costumes. In case you are wondering, I did make those scarves the boys were wearing. It was relatively quick and easy (if you don't count my initial miscalculation ending up with a 5 foot long scarf!). Maybe I should do one as a giveaway? What do you all think?


Willoughby said...

Great tidbits! I especially liked your birthday conversations!

I'm so impressed that you made the scarves! I thought you bought them. I think having a giveaway is a great idea!

***Holly*** said...

Just what I needed this morning: something light and funny! :)

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I liked the birthday conversations- and I thought women were hard to understand! The signs sure do multiply don't they? We live on s small dead-end street, so fortunately no one ever asks to put stuff on our lawn.

Michelle said...

Love it about the election signs.

and what is it about husbands? My husband does that all the time, too...don't get me anything and then complains he didn't get a card. I learned to have the girls draw him pictures regardless of what he says! Same with their Grandma!

Tiffany said...

That's funny about the birthday card! I get more excited about my husband's birthday than he does.

'You smell like soup'--that's priceless.

the domestic mama said...

LOVE the soup part! Do the scarf giveaway- but count me out. It's 87 today. ewww. Is that true about the moon? Is that why I am absolutly unmotivated to cook or even look at my new-ish camera? I am TOTALLY out of whack.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

YES! Giveaway!! I never listen to anyone who says they don't want anything....My mom does that, then she gets upset when no one does anything!!

♥♥ tuğçe♥♥ said...

i like the birthday conversation a lot this is one of the best indicators of the reality

Ms Bibi said...

Seriously since that time I had 2 as well. We should get together and write NASA a nasty letter while PMS-ing.

Come by my place I have an award for you.

Pelican Joe said...

Let me defend my honor! I did say no party and no presents. I did not say no cards (a card is not a present). I thought that was a given! I really expected, since I requested no party or gifts, that my family would give me a musical card. But alas, I find they gave more to the family dog (whose birthday was the day before), than they gave to me. Oh well, I'll just sulk (by the way, I was not going to say anything but since my wife brought it up in her blog, I'll rant in her comments!!!). By the way, it's too late to go get a card!

5thsister said...

And to be fair, WE DID SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We went out to dinner to celebrate and he also received his favorite type of cake: cheesecake! LOL!

Charisse and Holly said...

This year for my husbands birthday, I did the same thing, what do you want to do for your birthday?? Want to go to Napa, want to have a party here with some friends?? I got the same response, "I don't know." Finally, on the day of his birthday, @ 4PM on a Friday, he says, why don't we have some friends over to celebrate. I scramble to invite 3 other families, clean the house, go to Target for decorations with the kids, prepare dinner and set up a movie outside to entertain the kids. I turned out great but next year it will be different.
Thanks for the great post!!
Charisse @ lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

BashfulToast said...

Cute convo's.lol Bethany smells like soup? Interesting.lol Yes, I love those scarfs. A giveaway would be awesome!!!

kys said...

The birthday conversations were funny! Men!

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Mmmmm soup.

L.B. said...

Cool! I can say hello from my phone!

Political signs are crazy! They spring up everywhere and without warning.

Raoulysgirl said...

Soup?!?!? That's great!!! At least she didn't say "saurkraut" or "hot dogs" or something equally gross!!!

Ohhh! NASA is messing with periods now??? I should blog about it!!! LOL!!!

And seriously...the husband thing? I think they take a class or something in high school.

Holly said...

The birthday story is funny...my hubby would so do that!

Yes, do a giveaway...those scarves were great!

Can I blame NASA for my bad mood too?


Joanna Jenkins said...

"You smell like soup? That's perfect.

And the birthday story is a hoot! Men!


Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

These are great tidbits, and I'm sorry i missed them yesterday when they were, um, fresher...

My favorite is the conversation with your husband. Something like that happened with my husband years back, only worse. He made a big deal that the "actual day" didn't matter, as long as he was remembered. So we made a big fuss over him all weekend--I'm sure we went out to eat. I know there were gifts. Anyway, when the "actual day"--doubtless a busy workday, thus the weekend celebration--came and went by normally, he said "Wow. My birthday came and went and nobody noticed."

We make a big fuss for at least a week now, to cover all of our bases.

Kathleen said...

Wow! Election signs that multiply on their own. Like Rabbits...

Gracey said...

The post is great fun, but Mr Sister's comment is priceless!


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