Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sacred Sunday: November 22, 2009

You've all heard about Bethany's confirmation last weekend. Today I'd like to use this Sacred Sunday post to tell you other stories that occurred this very special and holy day.

My daughter's friend, Kaitlyn, was also receiving the sacrament of confirmation. You see, Kaitlyn is a beautiful young lady. She is exceedingly intelligent and has a genuine love for our Lord. Kaitlyn has an uncle with Down's Sydrome. Kaitlyn's uncle never misses a Mass. Kaitlyn's uncle is also genuinely in love with our Lord Jesus. Kaitlyn's uncle is one of the holiest people she knows. That is why Kaitlyn chose Uncle Roger to be her sponsor for confirmation. He was so nervous and excited. He performed his role quite well with her gentle guidance! This was a touching tribute that brought genuine joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. It truly was a beautiful moment.

Speaking of tears, the Holy Spirit was bountiful that day and conferred upon me the gift of tears. I weeped with joy as the candidates paraded into the church. The tears of happiness flowed when each candidate was sealed with chrism. I swear to you that every candidate cast a definite glow, a halo if you will, about them during this sacred rite.  Later, during the Liturgy of the Holy Eucharist I, again, succumbed to tears as the Host was raised. I swear to you I see the face of Jesus every single time! This time, not only did I see the face of Jesus, there was also a vivid golden radiance surrounding the altar. It was stunning. It was a divine vision...the tiniest glimmer of heaven on earth. I'm not sure if many will understand what I am trying to say and some of you may think I'm a bit crazy. That may or may not be so but I saw what I saw and felt at peace. 

My prayer for you this day is that the Holy Spirit guide you and grant you the peace and serenity of His glorious and abiding love.

Image courtesy of The St. Paul Seminary website


Jephy's Mom said...

Although I haven't had a moment quite like yours, I have on occasion experienced a revelation of God that brought me the intense feelings of joy and peace that you speak about. I wish my walk with God could always be that intense but it isn't. (He has always been there when I really needed Him though. And many times when I didn't expect Him at all) It is because of those moments, where I have felt God's presence so close, that I can keep my faith, even during those times when I can't seem to connect with Him at all. God is good.

Julie Schuler said...

It sounds like a sublime moment to be cherished.

Kathleen said...

"I see the face of Jesus every single time!" What a very special experience for you!!

Your description brought tears to my eyes--especially of Kaitlyn's uncle's participation. He sounds like such a special man; of course, those with Downs ARE so very special.

Thanks for sharing such a personal encounter with our Lord!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words today!

I don't think I have seen visually, but I felt strongly the presence of the Angels during Hosanna. What a beautiful day and cherished moment for you. God bless

Ms Bibi said...

What a beautiful post and experience.

I don't know many people who believe with such devotion. I truly am blessed meeting you in this cyber space.You uplift me with your posts and your comments every day.

Melissa B. said...

Thanks so much for sharing the spirit with us!

Heather of the EO said...

I love how you share yourself! It's truly inspiring. I'm so glad it was such a beautiful day for you and yours.


Raoulysgirl said...

I have to say that although we have a different approach to things, I do NOT think what you saw or felt was crazy in the least. I am inspired by your faith. I am also touched by your story of Kaitlyn and her uncle. How incredibly moving that experience must have been.

Lissaloo said...

It sounds like a Beautiful Experience :)

the domestic mama said...

what a wonderful post~ You have inspiried me in so many ways through your blog. Thank you. You are a gem, Polly!


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