Monday, September 21, 2009

Out of Control!

Let's see,

Wii game remotes? Check
DVR and VCR remotes? Check
TV remotes? Check
"Sage" remotes (Mr. Sister's media center)? Check
Roku remote (downloadable TV and movies)? Check
Ceiling fan remotes? Check

Anything missing? Yes...wireless speaker remotes, stereo remotes, camcorder remote, lantern remote, etc... This was just a sample of what I could gather (without digging into drawers or cabinets) to give you all an idea of how remote control crazy we are at the Sister house. Fortunately, we've gone down in the number of remotes in use due to our recent switch from satellite to cable TV.

Out of Control(s)? Never! Not us!


Pelican Joe said...

I think you either missed the Bonus room or our bedroom VCR remote.

5thsister said...

Oh, and I didn't include all those "multipurpose" remotes either!

Willoughby said...

We don't have as many remotes as you do, but we have quite a few. I can't believe how many AA batteries we go through, especially with the Wii!

What drives me crazy is that we can't program the cable remote to work on one of televisions. You need one remote to turn the tv on and control the volume, and another remote to change the channel.

thamesarino said...

wow! I'm embarassed! we have TWO!! : )
one for the satellite and tv and one for the dvd/vcr... we must be pretty low tech! ; )
(of course I'd LOVE a Wii... do you LOVE yours?)

5thsister said...

We use rechargeable batteries for the most part. Really don't know if there is any cost savings involved as that is Mr. Sister's department. Thames...the kids absolutely love the Wii. It's on everyday in our home...but only after the school work is completed.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

We don't have that many, but we're close. With three TVs, cable/dvr boxes, fans, Wii, xbox, etc., it really adds up!

ChristineM said...

So YOU have our family room tv remote!!!! That Sony one looks so familiar! :)

Actually, we have a grand total of 8 in our house: 3 tv, 2 dvd, 1 vcr, 1 XBox and 1 air conditioner remote. (We never use that last one...)

L.B. said...

That's an amazing amount of remote controls.

Do the controls control you, or are you able to maintain control over the controls?

Lissaloo said...

That's awesome! Do they have their own drawer? Shelf? I thought we were bad but I think you have us by at least 4! I'm lucky if I can work any of them :)


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