Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday 160: Winter's Respite

1st spring like day
after winter’s chill

sunshine’s warmth
upon the flesh

gentle breezes
scented with fragrance
of budding dogwoods

ice cream

promise of spring


For more monkey-shines please visit my friend the Monkey Man


Brian Miller said...

nice...sounds like a great way to celebrate spring...been really nice here this week...and over cast today...blech...

turtlememoir said...

Love those first springlike days; even if it gets colder again later, one remembers... Great 160!

Monkey Man said...

That first tease of Spring is so inspiring. Great 160 and thanks so much for playing.

joanny said...

Beautifully said makes my heart yearn for those spring like days -- a promise right around the bend.

Your poem lovely as always,


Alice Audrey said...

You know you're a die-hard ice cream fan when you see nothing wrong with eating ice cream while wearing a coat.

G-Man said...

We are getting 6-10 inches tonight.
I still love ice cream though...

Possum said...

Delicious... Chocolate flavour for me please!

Raoulysgirl said...

It's been spring-y here, too! I'm so excited!!! No ice cream for me, though...allergies+dairy=yuck.

Willoughby said...

Send some spring this way! We had a few days of deceptively warm weather and a good deal of the snow melted, but then we were hit with a winter storm. Eight inches of fresh snow dropped on us last night.

Olivia said...

Wishing you a very beautiful spring..
Send some here too- it's already getting warm- SULK!!

Your words made me smile with joy.. :)

Sunday Hugs xx


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