Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday's Tidbits: December 14, 2010

Dream snippet:

I rushed to join the marching police band for the parade. No one wanted me marching next to them. I looked down at my clarinet and realized I had no reed. You can't play the clarinet without a reed. Oh well. I didn't know the songs anyway.

So I raced off to join the firemen and march beside their truck, but they drove way too fast and I couldn't keep up. 

Maybe the lesson to be learned here is that I must march to my own tune at my very own pace. 


It was a miserable game this past Sunday: the Panthers vs. Falcons. It was cold and blustery, too. Trying to maintain any enthusiasm for my beloved team is difficult at best these days, especially when the team was intentionally gutted by management. I normally do not use the language I am about to but I know you'll agree with me: The Carolina Panthers SUCK! There I admitted it. It's the 1st step towards healing. Now I pray that they can admit it as well and use their draft picks wisely. 


Dear Starbucks Barista,

Yes you're quite cute. And silly, too. But seriously, telling my daughter about your 12 inch burrito was, let's say, inappropriate. From this point forward I kindly request that you keep your enthusiasm about said burrito to yourself.

Thank you,
Mama 5th


Munchie-Boy was moved up a division in swimming. This means more scheduled practices (6 times per week), and longer practices as well (up to 2 hours). He's getting quite the work out and comes home exhausted. This division will either make or break him. So far, he is holding his own quite well. I'm proud of you Munch!


I'm on this crazy elimination diet (doctor prescribed) in order to find out what foods I am "sensitive" to. I already know I am sensitive to corn and corn byproducts (high fructose corn syrup, modified food starch, etc.), MSG and a few other chemicals. But taking away my yogurt, aged cheeses, and fruit is just plain mean!

Which leads me to a very kind thing Mr. Sister did for me yesterday. I am not suppose to eat store bought bread because of the added chemicals and preservatives. So Mr. Sister, knowing I had a very busy day ahead, baked for me a wonderful loaf of bread...from scratch! How sweet was that?! 


We finally got our tree up yesterday. It's not decorated (except for lights...thank goodness for pre-lit trees!) and will probably remain that way through the weekend. I also have stockings hung but not much else. The time has flown by this Christmas season! Hopefully, after this weekend (I work) when school is out we will all have time to breathe and pause to remember the true reason we celebrate. 


I must now get started on the day at hand...Make it a great Tuesday everyone. Thanks for dropping by!


Kat said...

First off, as a longtime Cubs fan, I feel your pain :). Congrats to your son on his accomplishment. We just got our tree up last night, no decorations yet either (and I'm with you, thank goodness for pre-lit trees). And finally, about that barista- seriously? Is he still walking? Good grief, I think if that had happened to me he might have had an "accident" with a really hot cup of coffee! Have a great day! Kat

Willoughby said...

That's a crazy dream! I'm glad you were able to find a message in it. I thought maybe you were pondering a change in occupation; firefighter, police officer or musician.

The barista at Starbucks was waaaaay out of line making that remark!

Go Munchie! Two hours of swimming sounds like an intense workout!

That was super sweet of Mr. Sister to bake homemade bread for you! I hope you can pinpoint your trigger foods so you can get back to the foods you love!

Tina said...

What a nice Mr. Sister! And big congrats to Munchie! That's amazing. My condolences on the demise of your team. As I said before, we're in the same boat here.

Brian Miller said...

is 12 inch burrito code for something else? hey you are playing for draft picks right now...and maybe just maybe you can march with the band at the last game...smiles...or the firemen that are trying to put the fire out...

Raoulysgirl said...

Congrats, Munchie Boy!!! Exhaustion can be a good thing...sometimes...if it winds them down a little...LOL!!!

And...what a sweetie your hubby is!!! That was so thoughtful of him!!! Two thumbs up for Mr. Sister!!! YAY!!!

And...I don't even know what to say about the barista from Starbucks. Poor Bethany!!! I can only imagine that she was more than a little embarassed by his crass behavior. Makes me want to ride my broom out there and smack some respect into his little noggin...I don't care HOW big his burrito is!!!

Eelynn @ Babies said...

The Starbucks barista was inappropriate for making that remark.

That was so sweet of Mr. Sister to bake homemade bread for you!

Cheryl said...

Elimation diets also suck. I saw a tweet about the Panthers during the game. It involved the hysteria of the crowd when they'd scored points. Not winning points, just any points at all. Being from the Boston area, I know what it's like when the hometeams are struggling. Boston fans are not nice. In fact they are cruel to their teams. But they love 'em like crazy.

Homemade bread? You rock Mr. Sister!

J. Kwiatkowski said...

You have some strange dreams.
Congratulations to your son on all his hard work. Congratulations, Sister, for having such a thoughtful husband. The barista can go dip his burrito in the habenero!


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