Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Carry You" and Other Tidbits

When my daughter was but a wee child 
I would ask her, "would you like for me to carry you?" 
When she began to speak 
and was too tired to walk 
she would look up at me with pleading eyes 
and cry out "Carry you, Mommy, Carry you?" 

Humbling myself upon my knees,
when I am too tired to continue my own journey, 
I ask my God the same thing...
"Carry you, Lord, carry you?"


This Christmas I find myself having everything I could possibly need or want. Sure, maybe I could use some prescription sunglasses, or a ceramic bread pan or two, but really...I don't need them. I honestly would like to return to simpler times and redirect my focus to what the spirit of Christmas truly represents...Peace, Hope, and Joy. 


Why is it that I have to purchase special clothing for my son to wear for his choir concert this evening? Why can't they just wear their school uniform? Besides, Munchie-Boy refuses to stop growing! So I shall add a trip to Kohl's, for a pair of black slacks and a white button down dress shirt (and a new pair of jeans for myself), as one of my many stops this day. 


The carpool I enjoy the most is the one where I take my daughter and another young lady to their weekly choir rehearsal in Charlotte. These girls are at their silliest, cleverest, and most delightful selves when they get together. I so enjoy eavesdropping on their conversations. And no, they do not talk about boys (very often). They never fail to make me laugh. 

Also, while they are in rehearsal, I take the opportunity to frequent the local Starbucks and enjoy a steamy cup of Chai. I never fail to meet the most interesting people there. Recently, there was this woman who, out of the blue, began speaking to me. At first I just would look up from my lap top, nod, interject a word or two, then go back to my work at hand. But she was persistent and continued on. I realized she just needed someone to confide in. So I closed my computer, packed it up and turned all my attention to her.  I am so glad I did for she was the most interesting woman! I discovered she was all alone, recently widowed (her husband was a former Air Force commander), and struggling to belong in the crazy, schizophrenic city that is Charlotte. I won't go into details of government secrets and espionage, but suffice it to say I was quite entertained and intrigued by her story. Finally she confessed that she just had to put her beloved cat down...he was old and very sick. She did not want to go back to her empty home. Unfortunately, it was at this time that I needed to go and pick up the girls. I honestly did not want to leave! If you have it in your heart, please say a silent prayer for this lonely woman. I do whenever I think about our encounter. 


I must now take on this day and all the "busy"ness it entails. 
Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!


Anonymous said...

I, too, like a return to simpler Christmases. in the grand scheme of things, we don't "need" anything either (at least my husband and I don't!)

My daughter has a friend that together, the two of them are so fun to listen to, too. Although she's quite a bit younger than your daughter. It's so nice when our children find compatible friends to get them through their days!

We were very fortunate this year that we didn't have to buy anything for our children's Christmas programs. Sarah is borrowing a Mary costume from another girl who was Mary a couple of years ago and Dani is a "narrator" and they wear their school uniform and Helen just gets to wear her Christmas dress!

Cheryl said...

We finally realized that if we wanted simpler times, we were going to have to make that happen for ourselves. It's taken time, a lot of letting go of the unnecessary, and figuring out what the holidays really mean to us.

Good luck on your journey to find what works for you.

Kathleen said...

Love that first tidbit! And I'm so glad you took the time to really listen to that woman. I bet you blessed her in an immeasurable way! I think God always gives us these "encounters" for a reason, and your purpose here was because this woman needed your ear!

S. Susan Deborah said...

Dear Polly,

This was a lovely rendering of the time spent and thoughts pondered. I loved the way you have said "This Christmas I find myself having everything I could possibly need or want." How very nice of you. A content and happy spirit which does not need anything more to complete it. Wonderful. That feeling comes out of a deep experience of having lived and nourished every aspect of your life.

Joy, love and peace always,

Jannie Funster said...

And I don't REALLY need a chic new mid-thigh length cardigan, preferably tapered at the waist, midnight blue would be divine.

And I don't REALLY need a great camera, nor new running shoes, nor a couple pairs of yoga pants, or a haircut (going totally wildly bold and getting at least one layer this time.) I have not actually been to a salon in over a year. i trim my own. But am ready now to throw myself into the (hopefully) capable arms and scissors ofr a pro.


Now, where was your post?

Ooo, new jeans for yourself! Bet they look great on you. I'd like some too, but with my desire for a new sweater, I think I best not get greedy. :)

Munchie Boy. :)

I think I'll call the Austin Girl's Choir. Kelly is old enough. And would love it I'm sure.

So sad about her cat. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet.

Well, off now!


Tina said...

I hear you on the simpler Christmas thing. I've finally convinced my side of the family to just do small gifts for the kids, then use the rest of that money on a charity of their choice. The Engineer's side agrees to at first, then whine and complain to ME about how I ruin Christmas. Totally pisses me off. First of all, it's selfish, and then why agree at all if you don't want to? C'mon people. I just can't stand selfishness. Or lack of contentment when we are so completely blessed on so many levels! Stepping of soapbox now ;-)

Brian Miller said...

i love coffee shop people...they are the most intersting people...a simple christmas..yeah i want one of those as well...

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

I love that poem, Polly! Yes, carry you, my Lord, carry you!

Whoever invented Christmas shopping must have nothing better to do! I too want a simpler Christmas.

Raoulysgirl said...

This made (an already emotional) me cry.

Just tonight, I had to make a decision that I knew was coming...but had been putting off. It hurt and it was hurtFUL...for some. In making it, I had to try to keep in mind what Christmas really is about and what I want it to be for my children. Beyond Christmas, this decision will affect the rest of their lives.

I know that I made the right decision. I KNOW that I did. So why can't I stop thinking about it???

Love ya like crazy...and send Christmas love and wishes to you and your family!!! <3


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