Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday 160: Guess Where I'm Going Today

Gray sky overhead
A wet, cold, and dreary day
Donning appropriate apparel
The journey begins
To see if we can maintain
The coveted spot:
Last place position
In the NFL

Carolina Panthers 3 Wallpaper

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Mona said...

Although I have no idea what NFL is, I guess it must be a prestigious competition!

Great 160!

Cheryl said...

Last place? How awesome for you and them. No one pays any attention if you're in 2nd to last place. See how I turned that into a positive thing? It's magic.

Jingle said...

have fun there, the game will warm you up.

G-Man said...

Your team can't possibly be worse than the Lions...YIKES!!

Monkey Man said...

At least you have an NFL team to go see. Great Sunday 160 and thanks for playing.

Tina said...

At least they didn't fire your head coach this week...unlike what happened to McIdiot...sigh. I'm not watching anymore Bronco games this season. I've never, ever wavered in my loyalty since moving to the Denver area in 1983. Thick, thin, lousy, losing stats in the lean years after Elway retired. Cheered them on through rain, sleet, and hail. But this season? I've had enough. They've destroyed not only my teams reputation, but also their respect. I feel so bad for all the really great guys on the team. They deserve better than this...I hope Champ Bailey finds a good home. I wish Brian Dawkins all the best in his future. And to Kyle Orton who put up some seriously impressive stats only to have his efforts wasted, best of luck. RIP.
Ok, sorry for hijacking your comments. Just needed to vent, and you're such a sweet friend. Enjoy the game! I love the pageantry of seeing a game in person.

Jackie said...

Mona. Don't you hate when people don't answer your queries? the NFL is a Football game baby! In canada we have the CFL Go Stamps! That is the Calgary Stampeders. NFL is the national Footbal league and CFL is the Canadian Football League cause we rock! Have fun Polly!

Kavita said...

A game is a game is a game!! Weather somehow never manages to take the cheer away from a game! :) Hope you had a GREAT time watching it (irrespective of the possible last seats)..

Your 160 said it all... :)

Have a great week ahead!!

moondustwriter said...

I was actually going to say is it the Lions???

well hope you stay warm


Willoughby said...

I hope you were still able to have a good time!

Brian Miller said...

you get a great draft pick...not a bad consolation prize...smiles.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Did your team get snowed out today?
Cheers, jj

gautami tripathy said...

Sports do warm us!

Here is my Sunday 160: melted

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Looks like fun!

B xx


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