Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blogkeeping Chores

I am just tidying things up a bit on the blog. I plan to reassess my blog list. If you have not posted in over 6 months I am assuming that you have closed up shop and I will be deleting your blog from my reader. Should you come back to blogging, just give me a heads up and I will gladly add you back.

Additionally, I have added a "Networked Blogs" application on my sidebar. If you are a member of Networked Blogs, please take a moment and follow there as well.

My blog also has a Facebook presence. Please feel free to click on my badge in the sidebar and "like" me. That would so make my day!

Now down to some serious business. Munchie Boy has a blog. He has been begging me to promote his blog on mine. I have promised him I would. So if you care to read the musings and ramblings of an 11 year old kid, hooked on gaming and all things PC, please visit him at Awesomeness Daily (although it should be more like Awesomeness Weekly or Monthly!) He'd be absolutely thrilled with a little bit of encouragement.

Some of you know that Bethany has a blog as well. The other day she wrote a powerfully insightful post. I felt compelled to share the internal thought process of a 15 year old girl. Please feel free visit her blog, Dear Charlie, as well. The post I have referenced can be found HERE.

Now that my blog housekeeping is done I must now attend to the housework of real life. I shall return on Monday. I hope and pray you all have a grand weekend!


~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

You too have a great weekend! I like blogkeeping better housekeeping :-)

MJ said...

hey girl, feel free to delete mine ... I'm blogged out :o(


Mike said...

I am funny about deleting stuff. I rarely do. I have blogs in my reader that have not posted in a year!

Weezer said...

I'm still here. Whoo-Hoo!
I'll check out the kids' blogs.
And I know Michelle gave you this same award, but I left it for you, too. I think a phenomenal blogger should be acknowledged.
Have a blessed weekend.
See you on Monday.

Tina said...

I'd be delighted to visit your kids' blogs!

Anonymous said...

Im thinking blog cleaning is easier than the real thing, huh? lol

happy weekend

Dreamer said...

I'm excited about visiting an 11 year old kid's blogger about gaming! I love video games (yes, I never outgrew them!) I still believe one is never too old to play video games--it's a great de-stresser. ^_^

S. Susan Deborah said...

Just came in.

Have a glorious weekend.

Love and joy,

Brian Miller said...

i just did some blog cleaning as well...will check out your young uns...hope you have a great weekend!

Raoulysgirl said...

You know that I'm all blogged you can delete me without hurt feelings!!!

Going to check out Munchie and Bethany's blogs!!!

Willoughby said...

I am trying desperately to get back to blogging. I promise, I will be back, just not sure when.

In the mean time, I miss you bunches and bunches!!!!!

gayle said...

The kids blogs are great!! Just followed


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