Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday: Alchemy in the Afternoon

Jenny Matlock

Ms. Jenny, "school marm" extrordinaire,  has been so kind as to host one more Alphabe-Thursday as a finale. This particular day is for those to post either their favorite letter (mine is HERE, as it represented a turning point in my alphabet posts) or to do a letter that they may have missed.

When I first heard about Ms. Jenny's meme I knew I wanted to participate but I had very little time to get an "A" post in before the deadline. I ended up quoting Dr. Seuss, I believe. So I am taking the make-up exam and re-doing the letter A. Additionally, since many of my posts came from a very dark place, I decided to end with a love poem.Without further Adieu, I present to you, Alphabe-Thursday: The Letter A

Alchemy in the Afternoon
requires a certain finesse:
Abiding Affection 
And reckless Abandon
that may lead to happiness. 

Amour on into night
will both Alarm and Amaze;
deep Adoration,
Acute Admiration,
Afire from love's scorching rays!

Oh, and the lovely Ms. Jenny is having a giveaway on her blog. Please click HERE to check it out. Good luck!


Liz Mays said...

The perfect way to cap it off is with a love poem!

Is she starting over again?

Anonymous said...

thats so pretty. ;)

Brian Miller said...

your A's rock polly...i dont mind a little alchemy in the afternoon...smiles.

S. Susan Deborah said...

Time for love beautifully captured.
A++ for your A.

Joy always,

signed...bkm said...

Love the name Alchemy in the Afternoon - sounds like a song...A+ post...bkm

Weezer said...

I had wondered what y'all were going to do after the Z post. This is great. Alchemy. I don't know that I've ever called it that. (If it's what I think it is.)
Good to have you back.

Cheryl D. said...

Great poem!

Unknown said...

Dear Polly,
Lovely poem. What a great way of finishing the alphabet!
Are you publishing your poems somewhere? Post it on your blog when you have a collection in print. Some abcWed participants have an Amazon-widget on their blog. Look at:

Carmen's Chronicles


Brenda Bryant's blog 'Rinkly Rimes'

Best wishes,
Anna's little musician

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

A = AWESOME post!!!

Cheryl said...

Uplifting! Great way to end this segment.

Lola said...

Wonderful way to end this particular meme! Great finale to the alphabet.

Happy Alphabe-Thursday,


PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can join me!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a wonderful way to spend a afternoon!

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

Love at its max, just beautiful! "Afire from love's scorching rays!"

Viki said...

A perfect poem for Alphabet soup. I loved the love poem,ha. Great job.

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

You did very well. Your make up exam is a success.


Susan Anderson said...

Fun! I think you got an A!!


paige said...

Yay for A! I never got to do A. A is a good letter. I love what you've done for it!

Betty Manousos said...

What a great way of finishing the alphabet, Polly.
Absolutely great post!
B xx

Brenda said...

Sweet poem. Great finish!

Jenny said...

Wait! Wasn't this a song? Hmmm...

Afternoon delight?

OK, never mind!

I loved this delightful bit of spice seasoning our serving of Alphabet Soup!

Thanks for linking it!


Betty said...

Very nice and I was so proud of myself...I knew all those A words. :)

Kat said...

What a perfect way to end our journey from A to Z and back to A again. Hope you are doing the color class too! Kat

Jo said...

Alchemy is one of my favourite words ... i enjoyed your poem ... i always do, you are one talented woman!

Gayle said...

Love the poem!


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