Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sensational Haiku Wednesday-Decisions

Join the fun!

What to have for lunch?
Sardines or baked potato?
I decided on...

Can't make up my mind.
I'll try penning some haiku.
I'm struggling here.

What's come over me?
A bad case of writer's block?
Could be I'm hungry.

Baked potato wins.
Sardines with mustard can wait.
Now what to haiku...

Find it's difficult
to write about decisions,
but made up my mind.

My choice is to not
participate in haiku.
Decision final.

For more haiku hijinks,

please visit Jenn over at You Know...That Blog?
Next week's theme:  Dance


Kathleen said...

Ha ha! So cute!! Love it!

Tortuga said...

No offense, but potato would win for me too... then again, I'm not a big fan of sardines anyway, haha!

Oh... and yet you participated anyway! I love it!

Brian Miller said...

lol. writers block always brings out the best posts..

L.B. said...

Nice one. No haiku today, I bet that's a load off your mind :)

LarryG said...

sounds like a balanced diet :)
fish and chips... sorta...

glad you laid this block on the blog!

Mumsy said...

Fun haiku, but great writing anyway!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

This one made me giggle- I don't like sardines but Felix LOVES them!

Sarah said...

Polly, I'd go for the potato myself. :-) I can totally relate to the feeling of "writer's block" of late. Too much going on in my mind dealing with LIFE. LOL
Happy Wednesday!

Mama Zen said...


Betty said...

"Smiles* Cute!
Betty xx

Thom said...

Guess hunger pangs really take precedent. I would have chosen the sardines myself. Get some poi, pickled onions...mmm mmm good. I really enjoyed this. You are so clever :)

otin said...

I think that you have that form down pretty good! Very funny!

Julie Schuler said...

Potato with chives
pile on the sour cream, too
crumble some bacon

Joanna Jenkins said...

Very cute-- but sardines would NEVER be on my food list :-)


Erin said...

so cute & funny---just like you! I would've voted for the baked potato, myself. With lots of sour cream.

Midday Escapades said...

Hey, I thought you weren't going to participate! You are so clever.

Ms Bibi said...

I'm sure glad the potato won over the sardines,lol

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