Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday's Truth: Time, or Lack There of

The truth is, quite honestly, I do not have time to blog today.
My day is quite full actually:

I need to make 3 skirts for the leading ladies in the school musical.
Munchie Boy begins his annual standardized testing today.
I have both school and choir carpool duties.
I have every hope that today will be the day that I slay that laundry beast.

And lastly, Daisy is sick. I am taking her into the vet today. She's been peeing a lot. Really. A lot. Panting too. Drinking lots of water as well. It sounds like a kidney issue to me. I will be sure to keep all you animal lovers out there updated.

With that said, I must sign off now.
If I do not respond to your comments, please understand.
If I do not visit your blog today, please understand.
You all are the best! Thanks!


Brian Miller said...

hope daisy feels better!

Mumsy said...

All the best to Daisy! And to you, take good care..

Julie Schuler said...

Best wishes for Daisy. Hope you get some down time soon.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hope Daisy is going to be OK soon!

Jenny said...

Sending you a little hug as you get through your crazy day.

Ms Bibi said...

I hope everything goes well with Daisy. Kidney problems are so harsh.

Take care of yourself and your family.

Bossy Betty said...

Hope all goes well. You are busy being a mom and that's where you should be. We'll still be hanging around when you come back!

Pelican Joe said...

You forgot to mention taking Munchie boy to swim practice.

Michelle Hoad said...

Hope Daisy isn't getting diabetic. It isn't fun giving pets insulin shots. Not hard. Just a pain. Ha! I didn't realize how funny that sounded until I typed it.

Heather of the EO said...

oh I hope your pup is OK! And that life slows down for you, lady.

Take care-a you.

Jingle said...

get well soon, daisy!

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

sending out good wishes for daisy <3

Erin said...

I am praying for you and Daisy. Please let us know how she is. Visiting us and commenting, etc. should be the LAST thing on your list.

I love my doggie and it's so hard when they can't tell you what's wrong. But I agree it sounds like kidneys...or diabetes? hopefully nothing serious, maybe it could just be a bladder infection?

Keeping you in my thoughts.


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