Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Blog

I'm hesitant in posting my latest award because of its double entendre.
Actually, I didn't see it at first (goes to show you how naive I am) A friend, at work, had to explain it to me. Egads, people! My mother reads this blog!

Anyhow, I am going to graciously accept this award in the spirit it was intended from my new bloggy friends over at Life Laugh Latte. You can follow this LINK to see the actual award. In the meantime, with my apologies, you'll have just deal with viewing the censored version:

As part of the rules, 4 other blogs need to be nominated for this prestigious, although a bit naughty, award. I would like to bestow it upon 2 of my oldest blogging buddies and 2 of my newest:

1.  Tattoos and Teething Rings: This gal is a delight. We come from very different worlds and have become the best of blog buddies. I think she'd really appreciate the "humor" of this award, too.

2.  Who Has the Thyme: This blogger is NOT afraid to voice her views of the world. The marvelous thing about her is that you can debate an issue you may vehemently disagree with her on and she, although not swayed by your very clever rebuttal, will listen to and remain your BFF. Love you RG!

3.  Speaking From the Crib: A new cyber pal that has had me laughing to the point of tears on several occasions. I would love to have her over for coffee some day. Go ahead...go visit her. She's a riot!

4.  Rook No. 17: Jenn has such a pretty blog that is a joy to visit each and every day! I am currently loving her vintage "clip art".

To post on your site, you may pick up the true award at this LINK


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Thanks for the follow back!! Congrats on the award and more new blogs to check out!! Yippee!

kyslp said...

Congrats on your award! I will check out the one blog you mentioned that I don't already follow.


ahhh thanks! i'll add it to my awards draft post! congrats to you too!

Rook No. 17 said...

Thank you for including me in such talented company, for introducing me to new bloggy friends, and for this fun award! You're so wonderful! Jenn @ rookno17.blogspot.com

Tracy said...

Thanks for doing this because it always gives me new people to link to and read. I have been blogging for nearly 8 years now and have 1,000s of entries on another site, but I am so new here and it is fun to find others (still figuring out the system).

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Thank you! Love ya, Sis :)

Rook No. 17 said...

Tee Hee! I'm tickled! Here's my post:


Charisse and Holly said...

Love how you edited it! Cracks me up...you good girl you! Even funnier someone had to explain it to you. If only you could hang with us some Thursday so Charisse and I could get into that with you. You deserve the awards. Have a terrific day. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

5thsister said...

I've had the best time this past week with all of you! I think Willoughby's cocktail party loosened me up somewhat!


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