Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Day in the Life of 5th Sister

4:00 am: Mr. Sister's alarm goes off at "wake the dead" decibles

4:15 am: Can't get back to sleep. Might as well go pee.

4:30 am: Tossing and turning. No sleep for the weary.

4:45 am: Give up. Get out of bed and pull on some jeans. Grab a cup of coffee that Mr. Sister has already made (thanks hon!).

5:00 am: Walk the dog. Feed the dog. Love the dog.

5:30 am: Catch up on blogs, email.

6:30 am: Get darling daughter up and ready for school. Shower, change. Maybe makeup. Maybe not.

7:30 am: Carpool

8:30 am: Wake Munchie Boy. Feed Munchie Boy.

9:00 am: Begin homeschooling day.

1:00 pm: NAP TIME! If I'm lucky. I'm usually not so lucky. Science has a tendency to thwart this plan.

2:00 pm: What's for dinner? Prep time.

3:00 pm: Car pool

4:00 pm: Music lesson, church choir practice or catechism, depending upon the day of the week.

5:00 pm: Swim Team or Charlotte Children's Choir rehearsal, depending upon day of the week.

5:30 pm: Walk the dog. Feed the dog. Love the dog.

6:00 pm: Dinner. Maybe now. Maybe later. Whenever it can be squeezed in.

7:00 pm: Catholic Athletes or Scouts.

8:00 pm: Catch up on blogs and email.

9:00 pm. Bedtime.

In between I do try to pick up, do laundry, wash dishes, sweep and vacuum, etc. TRY, I said. I also try to squeeze in a daily Mass now and then because, goodness knows, I can't do it all without the help of our dear Lord!

And on those days I have to's everyone fend for themselves!

So, how does your day look?


Julie Schuler said...

Your day makes me tired. I tried to think of what I do all day.. mostly get bossed around by my two year old.

5thsister said...

LOL, Julie! Today's beginning was not off to an auspicious start. Long story. I'll tell it again sometime but it involves a lovely young lady who has decided she hates the school she is attending and is sabotaging herself each and every day. I can't handle the drama anymore.

Anonymous said...

It is too bad this young lady can not see that these are the best times of her young life, make the most of them and enjoy!!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I could never homeschool...I would kill my kids. I also leave my dogs food down all day...I know, I know. For me, by the time I am done reading and commenting, it is time to pick the kids up from school!! I need to get paid for this blogging stuff!

Ms Bibi said...

Very similar to mine except for the homeschooling part. I usually work on my writing or helping at my kids school.

The afternoon activities are the killer for me.

Anonymous said...

my husband also gets up at 4am using the alarm on his cell phone that plays the most obnoxious music. It is also set on the highest volume because he's a heavy sleeper. his wife (that'd be me) however, is not.

Kimberly said...

Get up at 5am with the little dogs barking loudly.
Let them run around outside on the patio while I make myself a cup of coffee.

Get the kids up, and uniform ready for school. Push them in the shower. On upstairs, and one downstairs.

Someone always forgets something, so I always check in with them.

Make breakfast for everyone, and pack up lunches. Let the little dogs back into the house. Pull the car to my house, and honk the horn for the children to come out to the car. Drive them to school.

Come home, check e-mail really fast. Let the Cane Corso's outside. (2, 130 lbs dogs) Give them each a treat for sitting, down, come. Make them sit and wait for their food.

Make phone calls to contractors, real estate agent, and anyone that has to be contacted about property.

Make the beds, and start whatever chore it is I need to do for the day. There is always something to clean.

Just when I think I can sit down it is time to get the kids. One child in Choir, and horseback riding.

Tracy said...

mine is lot the same. I thought it would be a bit less hectic when the kids flew the coup, but that hasn't really happened either. Try for that nap from time to time!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Long day! I remember doing a post like this a few months ago, I should do another one because my days are much different this school year.

Charisse and Holly said...

It really helps a person figure out why they are so fatigued to make a schedule. We stumble thru the day exhausted and can't figure out why. Praying you get a day soon to read, relax, watch a good movie, play. Have a great day. Holly at

kys said...

My husband stumbles into bed at 4 am and wakes me up. I get back to sleep around 5 (if I'm lucky). Then my alarm goes off at 6.

But I don't get in bed untill midnight most of the time. No wonder I'm sporting that Zombie look.

Willoughby said...

My day starts early, too. Usually 5:00 am. After the take-daughter-to-school ritual, each day if different. Some days I have actual paying work to do, others I don't. Most of the time, I find myself wishing for the weekend!

Lissaloo said...

I am exhausted just reading all that! We have such a crazy schedule here, I am usually up by 6 then it's run run run until dinner about 5:30 kids in bed at 8 then I usually stay up and keep hubby company while he studies and grades papers, so bed time is usually between 11pm and 1 am. crazy crazy crazy

Liz in Virginia said...

I've been thinking about your high school girl a lot lately, Polly. I hope the clouds part for her soon. High school is such an adjustment in the best of situations and hers is complicated by her homeschooling background (lucky homeschooled girl that she is!).

You're a great mom and she's lucky you're there to be her advocate.

Lifting you and your kids up in prayer, Polly, and so are St. Thomas Aquinas (patron saint of students) and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (patron saint of American education)!
-- Liz @

Anonymous said...

What a busy day you have! Mine is hectic, but I don't see any way around it. Full-time jobs are for the birds! I gotta figure something else out someday!

Anonymous said...

By the're in Charlotte? My sister's daughter attends Kindergarten at a CAtholic school there (but they live in York, SC)

Twincerely,Olga said...

your an amazing lady!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Holly said...

That is great..I may have to write down what my day actually looks like. Maybe I would figure out where the times goes...oh is right here!

Shihaam said...

Wow! I'm tired reading that!! You and others like you are amazing!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!


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