Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mr. Sister goes to the movies...

Hi 5th sister readers! This is Mr. Sister again. 5th sister had to work on mother’s day, but wanted all of the blog’s regular readers to have something insightful to ponder on. But, instead, I said I would write something!

On this blog take-over, I won’t expound upon a new high-tech toy or gadget that has found its way into the 5th sister household. I am going to discuss movies and television. Now, I don’t watch that much TV, but when I do, I enjoy good Science Fiction .

There, I said it! I enjoy good Science Fiction and I’m proud of it! So, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone that I dragged --er took my kids to the movies today. What did we see? Don’t worry; it wasn’t the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie (even though I would like to rent it when it comes out on DVD)…. No! This is BIGGER than the X-men! And we boldly went where a lot of nerds and closet nerds went, before! Did you guess it? Yes, I took them to J.J Abrams’ movie --Star Trek.

For those of you who think mentioning the title and a little insight into the movie are considered spoilers… PLEASE STOP READING!

For the rest of you, I will not try to give any real spoilers. First, it was a joy to watch a first rate sci-fi movie. The previous Star Trek movies were TERRIBLE!!! A real pain to watch (…and I watched them all!)… That is with the notable exceptions of Star Trek the voyage home, and Star Trek, the wrath of Khan.

J. J. Abrams gave his nod to the original series by playing most of the characters true to form (with the exception of Uhura). He wove the story around Lenard Nimoy (the original Spock). The movie even answered some of the back history that was never revealed on the original series… Why did Kirk always call McCoy “Bones”? But, in the same way that Abrams gave his nods, he said we will not be a slave to the original Star Trek timeline (I won’t say more or there may be a spoiler).

All in all a good solid sci-fi movie! I would rate it as one of the top Star Trek movies ever made (now, as mentioned earlier, that might not be saying too much). I would definitely see it again!

To finish off, I’m going to give my top 5 sci-fi movies and television shows… What are yours?

1) The Princess Bride (even though this fits more into the “fantasy” genre)
2) The Dark Knight
3) Ironman
4) Spiderman
5) Harry Potter (the whole series)
(If I were to include a 6th, it would be lord of the rings!)

1) Chuck (Yes, it is sci-fi!)
2) Star Trek: The Next Generation (Some of the best cliff-hangers in television history!)
3) Quantum Leap
4) Dr. Who
5) Stargate SG1

Now, as always… Mr. Sister signing off! …. Back over to you 5th Sister….


Raoulysgirl said...

Isn't "good sci-fi" an oxymoron? LOL!!! Just kidding, Mr. Sister! My hubby enjoys it, as well...while I'm not a true sci-fi fan, I DO enjoy a few movies that I don't really consider sci-fi (although, they really are!). The Dark Knight and Harry Potter are at the top of my list! I don't consider them sci-fi because they're not full of aliens and ufos...that's why! I'm sure I will end up sleeping through...I mean, watching Star Trek when it comes to DVD...I am NOT going to the movies to watch it!!!! LOL!

Lissaloo said...

Princess Bride is awesome, I was very excited to find it on dvd last week :)

Willoughby said...

I have to admit, I haven't seen many of the movies or television shows on your list, but I am a HUGE Quantum Leap fan! The Ion Channel shows it every day at 4:00 so I still watch it once in a while.

Katie said...

I grew up watching Quantum Leap, Star Trek, and of course X-Files, you would fit in nicely with my family!!

5thsister said...

Yes indeed, it's high tech and sci fi 24/7 in the sister household. Mr. Sister has even indoctrinated the children into the love of all things sci fi/high tech. I'm relegated to the bedroom tv for Iron Chef, Top Chef and my newest guilty pleasure: Dog Whisperer (no, we don't own a dog) Don't get me wrong, though...Quantum Leap and X-Files were great!


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