Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Changes on the Horizon

It's that time of year. The time where I reassess our home school curriculum, determine our needs for next year and decide if homeschooling continues to be the best option for my kids.

While we await the results of the Iowa Basics this is what has been established thus far:

1. Sweet Cheeks will be attending a charter school for her high school. We were fortunate that she was wait listed at a low number. We had toured the school and both felt very comfortable with the class size, student to teacher ratio, and curricula offered (all honors or AP courses). The "feel" of the school was right, if that makes any sense. Shortly after our tour we were offered a slot that had just opened up. We took that as a sign, from God, that this was the avenue to pursue and accepted. A wonderful sense of calm swept over me once this decision was made. Fortunately, Mr. Sister is in agreement with this course of action.

2. For Munchie Boy homeschooling remains the best option due to his "learning disabilities". Oh how I hate that phrase as it is such a misnomer. My son is so very bright but he requires time to complete his tasks and assignments. Additionally, he is quite literal so abstract ideas are difficult for him to grasp. Anyway, I have been researching alternative home school curricula and have found one I would like to try. It is a computer based curriculum that incorporates both on line and workbook lessons. Master Munch loves all things computer related so I think this might be a great avenue and a good fit for him. The only downside is that this curriculum is secular. Munch has such a wonderful faith and prayer life that I do not think this will pose any major problem. Additionally, Religious Education will remain an intricate part of our daily studies.

I will continue to pray that these decisions are the right ones for my family and for Mr. Sister and myself. So appears to be the correct course of action as I am at peace.


L.B. said...

Glad to hear that you're figuring out your children's schooling futures. I like charter schools, and like their ability to sort of create their own curriculum and give a sort of independent feel. I tend to believe in public schooling but I do think the system is broken. Smaller classes are one thing I wish would be the norm instead of the exception. Classes out here in California can easily reach 36 or 37; how can you really learn (or teach) in that environment?

Lissaloo said...

There are so many options! I have been looking for a good computer based program for my soon to be 5th grader next year. He has been out of school for 1 week & he has stopped biting his nails which has been a huge problem for quite some time. He is very sensitive and easily stressed. Kids are all so different it's not easy to decide what is best for each one. Good to hear you have found the right solutions for yours :)


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