Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Results Are In

6 Heats

1st heat: 3rd place. 227.8 mph

2nd heat: 3rd place. 227.3 mph

3rd heat: 3rd place. 227.3 mph

4th heat: 4th place. 229.1 mph

5th heat: 5th place. 229.3 mph

6th heat: 1st place. 230.5 mph (see video, lane 2)

(Okay, so Mom got a little excited)

All in all, a very respectable showing.
Did you have fun, son?

Yeah, he had a good time.


Willoughby said...

Woo Hoo! Looks like fun. I'll bet he was pretty happy with his stats. Congrats!

Gracey said...

I am glad he had fun! Great stats, too!

Katie said...

It doesn't always matter where you place as long as you have a blast.

thamesarino said...

hooray! I'm sorry that I missed the naming, but it looks like you got a good name and a great car!! glad he had fun! : )

L.B. said...

Long live Knight Writer! You guys keeping the car or does it become firewood now? Like, you could do a Firewood Derby and see how fast it burns :) But that would be a major waste of a cool-looking ride.

Who am I? said...

What a cutie!

5thsister said...

LB: The boys had the choice of either keeping their cars or donating them to some famous NASCAR racer's camp for underpriveledged children. 90% of the boys (mine included) chose to keep their cars. (although I tried to talk son into was his choice...*Sigh*)

Lissaloo said...

Yeah! Good Job! I have never heard about the donating thing, that is a really neat idea. My Hubby still has all his cars from ALL his races, goofy man :)


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