Saturday, March 28, 2009

Geraniums for Sale

For my local friends and readers:
My daughter is selling geraniums for her Charlotte Children's Choir fund raiser. These geraniums are absolutely gorgeous and will double, even triple their size over the summer, if planted in a large enough container. With proper care (dead heading "spent" flowers and watering) they will last almost to the end of October.
The geraniums come from Roundtree Nursery in your choice of either red or pink. They cost $12 each. Orders and payment are due to me by April 13. The geraniums will arrive a few short weeks later. Please email me at with your order and contact information.

1 comment:

Lissaloo said...

I wish we were already moved then I could get some :( I am giving my house plants to my sis when I move, it seems like when we I try to take them with when we move they die :(


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