Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Chosen Name

Kudos and a hip, hip hooray goes out to Luis Bueno of The Muddy Runner for coming up with the "winning" name for my son's Pinewood Derby entry. Although Mr. Sister and I were quite partial to Speed 'raser, son was smitten with the name Knight "Writer". My sincerest respect and undying gratitude goes out to you, LB!

Alrighty then:

Gratitude? Check.
Respect? Check.
Kudos? Check.
Hooray cheer? Check.
Laying it on thick? Check.


Gracey said...

I am glad you found a name, 5th! I feel guilty for non-participating, but really, it was sooo difficult to think something clever in English! I was worrying about coming up with something that was wrong and sounded ridiculous! I like, "Knight writer" though - great idea. I hope your son has a blast at the race! (well, they do actually race, right?)

5thsister said...

Yes they race! LOL! And there are actually trophies, too! Both Willoughby and LB came up with very clever and creative names. Good show!

Gracey said...

Oh, so I hope your son has fun and finishes first! Good luck to him! Did he build it himself? I was sooo impressed by the vehicle's picture! (I have two left hand myself)

Lissaloo said...

The car and name are awesome!

Willoughby said...

Good luck at the race! Knight Writer is a great name (even if I didn't think of it, lol)!

L.B. said...

Polly, I saw this on Saturday morning while driving around my own car (which I dont' have a name for oddly enough, just "car") and I got a chuckle from your post but couldn't leave a comment because my phone isn't THAT advanced, but I'm glad to have been chosen as the name winner and somehow contributed to your son's experience. I'm honored! Yay for the Knight Writer!


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