Monday, February 13, 2012

Micro-Fiction Monday: February 13, 2012

Honestly, where else would a pink wicker set go?
Next to a pair these lovely shutters, of course.
Get it?
Geez…it’s the “Love Shack”.



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Akelamalu said...

Perfect place for that pink set! :)

Jim said...

Thanks, Polly. Of course why didn't I think of that? Duh! :) LOL

anthonynorth said...

A fun micro. Enjoyed it.

Tina said...

I needed a smile this morning. I'm sending you private email because I was under the care of several respiratory therapists recently. Meanwhile, it's good to get up and moving again, and stopping by at your place is always worth the trip.

Tina @ Life is Good

Co-Host of the April 2012 Blogging from A to Z Challenge


Brian Miller said...

great now i am going to have that song stuck in my head all day...ha

SparkleFarkle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SparkleFarkle said...

Yay! YAY! YAAAY!<--for us, Polly, because we're both Love Shacky wacky! Your SY entry combined with MINE, makes for a double-dose of B-52y fun for everyone during this hearty holiday-tide!

Sue said...

I'm with Brian.

The minute I read the words I heard the music...



Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Yes, me too...that song is now an ear bug that will be itching me all day. LOL

Pat said...

I'm with Brian, too. This is a perfect microfiction for the photo, Polly. Hilarious.

Grandma said...

Yeah, pink furniture makes me shudder a bit. :D

Thanks for the smile and the song in my head. Nice to see you playing again.

Kay L. Davies said...

Good one, Polly.


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