Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Musings: September 19, 2011

Dear Cam Newton,

Um, our team was the one wearing the WHITE jerseys. Just thought maybe you had forgotten.

A concerned 5th


Dear Steve Smith,

What was that all about? Were you showing off? I thought rule #1 in NFL football is to ALWAYS protect the ball. Oh, and next game…leave the Teflon gloves at home, ‘kay?

An exasperated 5th


Dear Carolina Panthers,

In all seriousness, I witnessed moments of greatness in Sunday’s game. It’s obvious we lost on turnovers, but the fact that these past 2 games were both lost by only a touchdown is a remarkable improvement from last year. This was actually an enjoyable game to watch. Even Mr. Sister had a good time. 

A hopeful 5th


Dear Procrastination,

I do believe it’s about time we part ways. Although we’ve been extremely close these past 5 decades, I’m ready to be a woman of action. It is very difficult to be that woman with you standing in the way. I’m thinking sometime next week or next month would be a good time to make that split. I’ll get back to you.

A delaying 5th


Dear Munchie Boy,

Now that you are about to exceed mama’s height, the answer is NO! You cannot use my shoulder as an arm rest.

Your vertically challenged Mama 5th


Dear Daisy,

I know you love me. Now that you have access to more of the house I realize you want to be with me every moment of every day. But seriously, could you quit following me into the bathroom? I promise I’ll come back out. How about you guard the door for me instead? Deal?

A Daisy lovin’ 5th


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Without you I don’t know how I would have achieved the CEU’s necessary to maintain my license to practice in this state. The only thing left to do is to pay my renewal fee. If I can get my friend Procrastination to back off a bit, I should be able to do that later today. Or tomorrow.
A grateful and still delaying 5th

PS…thank goodness I have until the end of the month!


 That's all for this week's edition of Monday Musings. It feels good to be writing again! I've missed all of you.


Willoughby said...

Glad to have you back! I've missed you!

Monkey Man said...

Cheer up. Next week you get the Jags. They may be 1-1, but have only scored 19 points and have allowed 46. Weak secondary and second rate QB. I say first Panther win next week in a cat fight.

Brian Miller said...

smiles...i was ready to give up footballafter week 1 but we seem to have woke up a bit yeah, i want to be alone in the bathroom...

Pelican Joe said...

You forgot the Dear Greenbay Packers Fans... You might think your team is great, but your team just let a rookie quarterback have another 400+ yard week.

Cheryl said...

Awesome musings and I don't even follow football!


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