Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm Back...But Not Quite

I've returned from a wonderful mini-vacation along the salt marsh near Isle of Palms in South Carolina. It truly was a splendid trip. (Thank you, Mr. Sister, for finding such a phenomenal place!) Unfortunately, it is now that time of year I must work on finishing up the CEU's required to maintain my license (to practice Respiratory Therapy in the state of North Carolina). Until next week I will be hunkering down reading, learning, studying, taking proficiency tests and the like. I plan to return next week in full blogging mode. In the meantime please enjoy a few photos from our weekend. 




Cheryl said...

Welcome back to CEU reality.

Great pictures, Polly. Nice catch!

Judie said...

Polly, I adore the fragrance of the salt marsh along the Georgia coast. We were there recently, and I felt as if I had come home. Your photos are wonderful!

Monkey Man said...

How fun. I especially like the photo of the bait you used while fishing.

Brian Miller said...

hey nice do realise i was in your town while you were gone...thought about i waved my steeler towel...smiles.

Christine said...

So jealous of Mr Sister in his lawn chair right now, that is just how I would spend a weekend too.

J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

Welcome back! It looks like a lovely place.

Anonymous said...

Nice catch!

Willoughby said...

Gorgeous pics! I'm so jealous!

Jenny said...

Yikes. Don't read this. Really. I was just gonna say hi, but obviously you are wayyyy too busy to blog right now!

Get to work!

Your pictures are so cool.

Hey, quit reading this.


It's time to study.

Right now, missy!


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