Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Microfiction Muse #19

Overhearing his master mention 
“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, 
Bowser, quite alarmed, 
took it seriously & made it his duty 
to secure the west wing.



Micro-fiction Muse involves writing a very short story (140 characters max-including spaces) based upon a photo prompt. I make it my goal to try and use 140 characters exactly. Diane Estrella is our host for this weekly meme. Please be sure to visit her blog for complete rules and to visit other participants. 


otin said...

so that's where they got the term "hot dog"? lol

Brian Miller said...

haha...those darn cats trying to invade...

Anonymous said... it.

Diane said...

Love all the fun references you got in with such a few words. Hope you have a super week! Hugs friend :O)

glnroz said...

,LOL...I POSTED before i read yours,,forgive me for using a "cat". "Hot Tin Roof" is a better take on it,,in my opinion,, lol

Cheryl said...

This rocked! Awesome take on this picture.

Pat said...

Ah loyal Bowser. Hilarious interpretation of the photo!

My story had an obnoxious cat in it, too.

BECKY said...


G-Man said...


Judie said...

OMG!! Polly, that is just a hoot!!

Jenny said...

Perfect! I'm going to have to give this meme a try someday.

When I catch up.

And have some spare time.





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