Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Now Dream

I now dream
of magical things…
freedom to fly,
soaring to great heights
without wings…
standing my ground
against forces of evil
devoid of wand,
realizing true strength
comes from within…
being acutely aware
of mysterious power
effortlessly generating
life sustaining breaths
when submerged,
caught in currents
under depths
of ocean’s tides.

are these things
truly magical
or are they
seeds of the spirit,
planted, tilled
in soil of soul’s eden
as sun shines light
upon wreckage of past;
casting away shadows
of internal struggles
and lifelong fears,
of shame and
of self will run rampant:
decaying debris,
waste from years
of stinking thinking
becoming compost
for clarity, honesty,
open mindedness,
and willingness
to take root, 
sprout forth,
and grow,
in the mystical,
magical dreams
I now dream

Copyright 2011


It's been one year, to the day, when I embarked upon a very special journey. Although it was promised (if I did the work), I remain in awe of the spiritual awakening that has become a part of my everyday life. I would like to thank my family and friends for their loving encouragement and support, but most importantly I pray prayers of thanksgiving to my God for it was His divine intervention and grace which led me upon this path. I am truly blessed. 


Brian Miller said...

congratulations on this step of the journey...a year is great mile marker...i am glad you found that freedom to dream once more...smiles.

Jenny said...

I'm crying for joy for you! Be proud of yourself! You are amazing.

gayle said...

So wonderful!

glnroz said...

thank you for the comment(s). I kept them both,,lol. I am a talker and wannbestoryteller so I am not always so "short". :) Congrats to your milestone and thanks for the "water from the fridge". glenn

Cheryl said...

Happy happy! Fantastic poem to share your newfound joy and the beginning of your journey home to you.

G-Man said...

No Pollyanna...
WE are the ones that are blessed...
With You!

Unknown Mami said...

Beautiful and extremely inspirational. So happy for you.


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