Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Musings: August 22, 2011

Dear Jesus,

Can you find it in your most sacred heart to forgive me? After fighting with you, all weekend long, I finally realized I didn’t need to change you. I needed to change how I approached you. After this epiphany it was smooth sailing from then on. However, it was not my intent to make you look like you have the chicken pox.
Sorrowfully yours,

A contrite 5th

(Copyright 2011-5th Sister Art)


 Dear 2011/2012 School Year,

The kids would like me to request that you please consider delaying your start until after September. Summer doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to go away. (But between you and me, I’m of the sentiment that it is time to get back into a routine.)

Needing her space,

Mama 5th


Dear People of Walmart,

I thank you for allowing me to join your ranks this past Sunday afternoon. It was such fun mingling with the hundreds of stressed out, back to school shoppers like myself. I felt I was with kindred spirits as I dove over several carts to retrieve that last (has to be BLACK) plastic folder required by a certain teacher. Oh, and the way you all stared at me as I was climbing the shelves to reach the last of the dividers on top. Yeah, I’m glad we shared that moment of hilarity. It is awesome that no one bothered to ask if I (the tiny, short, petite, vertically challenged one) required help. Any assistance would have negated the lesson I needed to learn here.

A procrastinating 5th

PS: Today is Bethany's turn. I guess we'll have another opportunity to party on aisle 6


Dear Carolina Panthers,

It was a disappointing game after a promising start. But what the heck…preseason is the time to cull the herd. I get that. It doesn’t make the loss hurt any less though. Regardless, with my new schedule I should be able to attend more games. I am so looking forward to this new season because, you know, after last year we can’t do any worse.

Still a fan,

Panther lovin’ 5th

PS: Jake, I haven’t forgotten about you


That is all for this installment of Munday Musings. I must be off to hang with my homies...the People of Walmart. Always a good time the day before school starts!


Cheryl said...

Par-tay in Aisle 8! Wait for me!

Willoughby said...

Your art project is quite lovely!

I agree with your kids, less school, more summer! I'm not ready for the new school year.

I haven't done any school supply shopping, yet, because the school hasn't sent out the list of required supplies (way to procrastinate). I'm sure everything will be picked over when we get to the store. Remember the good old days when all you needed to attend school was a pencil?

J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

We did the Walmart thing last week. They never stock enough boys clothes. And New Castle School District requires shirts that are red, black, white, or gray, with no pictures. Walmart had assured me, year after year, they do not care about these requirements. But there's literally no where else to shop. Kudos, capitalism.

Brian Miller said...

ugh i knew better than to go to wally world this are off today so too late on the delay...and the good news is He can heal himself if need be...smiles.

Monkey Man said...

Great slices of life. Thanks for the monday morning smiles.

Jenny said...

I hope I don't go to hell for laughing at your letter to Jesus. Gulp!

gayle said...

I so wish school would be delayed!! It's too hot!! I go back on Thursday!:(

Tina said...

Hey Polly-girl!
LOVED the apology and the portrait. Good stuff! I really enjoy your Monday Musings ~ a little glimpse into your life. Keep 'em coming! I feel your pain regarding the beginning of the football season. At least this year, there is a glimmer of hope. The new coach seems to doing alright so far. SO glad McKid (Josh McDaniels for you non-Bronco fans (a class which is growing rapidly) former head coach) gone. I never felt comfortable with him at the helm. Wow, could that sentence be any worse? Just to damn tired to edit my comments today.
Tina @ Life is Good


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