Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Musings: June 6, 2011

Dear Nosy Nurse,

Yes, I do, in fact, realize that I have lost weight.
No, I am not dieting.
No, I am not a practicing bulimic or anorexic.
No, I am not still losing weight.
Yes, that's true, I'm not gaining either.
Yes, I am being followed by my doctor.
No, I am not sick.
Yes, I appreciate your concern and worry.

I have to turn the tables and ask you a question, however. Just how am I suppose to take your closing remark, " look great!" after being interrogated with such pointed questions? Curiosity cuts both ways. But because I do not have the capability of reading your mind, I will take it at face value and say thank you. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to lunch.

A sensitively skinny 5th


Dear Munch,

1.2 miles of open water swimming in 38.02 minutes, coming in at #5 out of a large field of participants. Cool. Very cool.

Your impressed Mama 5th


Dear Bethany,

Life is about choices and the consequences of our actions. I am so glad you were able to rise to the occasion this weekend and do the right thing.

A proud Mama 5th


Dear Prairie,

I will be returning home, soon, for my annual visit. I miss your sweet smelling grass, your unhurried ways, the beauty that is uniquely you, and my sisters who call you home. Please save some "not cloudy all day" blue skies for me!

A nostalgic 5th


Dear Mr. Sister,

Sometimes you leave me speechless and at other times you frighten me. This is one of those rare occasions  where you leave me both.

A creeped out Mrs. Sister


Dear Mr. Sister,

Then there are those times you simply surprise me. Thank you for the beautiful anniversary roses and the lovely dinner out.

The Mrs. 5th of 20 years!

PS So when are we going skydiving?


Dear Doctor,

Metabolic alkalosis. I repeat...metabolic alkalosis. I do not have any magic to correct metabolic alkalosis. The blood that was drawn 3 times in a 24 hour period all have been saying the same thing: metabolic alkalosis.

5th Sister, RRT

Dear Little Sisters,

Today is the last day of school...Congrats on a mighty fine year! I am very proud of all your achievements, your grades, and the work ethic you clearly demonstrated with your homework and studying.  

A gleeful Mama 5th


Dear Charlotte Children's Choir,

I am sorry to have missed your 25th Anniversary Gala and Auction. I heard it was a great success. I am grateful that choir mom, Jan F., recorded and posted (onto Facebook) the world wide premier of  Da Pacem: a commissioned piece, specifically composed just for this monumental milestone, by Paul Caldwell. Bethany was very happy to have been but one voice in celebration!


An Absolutely Amazed 5th


I am sorry if the above video does not come across for you. When the choir mom posts directly to YouTube I will definitely edit this post with the new link. 


☆☆Mumsy said...

Dear Polly, I can relate to your first musing. I have the same problem even though I do eat, lots! Hope everything is well with you.

Brian Miller said...

way to go munch...and Mister, my what big brain you have, haha...

5thsister said...

You know, I never would have posted that photo of Mr. Sister had he not 1st shared it on his FB wall. Disturbing, isn't it. He really is a handsome dude. Really.

Jenny said...

Gosh, I'm separating the layers I should worry about with you and the layers I can laugh over and the layers where I want to smack someone for you!

The picture creeped me out, too. Dare I say, I'm surprised he has such a 'weak chin'.


Jenny said...

PS. I'll trade you 25 pounds of chub for 25 pounds of skinny minny!

Willoughby said...

Some nurses are just ignorant. I've run into more than my share of them. One (at a walk in emergency clinic) gave me a hard time because my daughter was still going to a pediatrician. She was 7 at the time.

That is one handsome picture of Mr. Sister! You're a lucky woman.

Now I'm worried about your health. You're taking care of yourself, I hope!

Congrats to Munchie!

J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

Happy Anniversary and congratulations on making it to the end of another school year!


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