Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Microfiction Muses #12 and #13

In the middle of her climb 
up the tree of life 
Meg was frustrated to suddenly realize 
more living was needed 
to reach her full vantage point


Gramps barely tolerates the child
He remains quite miffed
about the love affair
between his grandbaby and that
low life scoundrel,
Speed Racer


Micro-fiction Muse involves writing a very short story (140 characters max-including spaces) based upon a photo prompt. I make it my goal to always use140 characters exactly. Diane Estrella is our host for this weekly meme. Please be sure to visit her blog for complete rules and to visit other participants. 


Brian Miller said...

haha gramps has the look...and you got to watch out for those boys with a need for speed...

Just Passing Through said...

I love it "more living was needed to reach her full vantage point". There is so much truth in that statement!

Diane said...

You are on fire!!!!!! Love them both and needed that laugh this morning. :O)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the climb is only half of it.

Pat said...

That first one is wonderful...and so true! Excellent MM.

I like your take on gramps. We grandparents sometimes wish we could protect our grandchildren more than is possible! Even when grandkids get big, they are still our grandbabies.

Jenny said...

You are soooo good at this!

Life@Cee said...

Still trying to reach that vantage point myself.

Cheryl said...

Loved 'em both. Speed Racer is such a scamp.


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