Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits: June 21, 2011

Dear Prairie,

In under 24 hours I will be on my way to your heart. You are, of course, forever in mine.

A "homesick" 5th


Dear Rack Room Shoes (the one next to Target in Northcross),

Why do I torment myself? No, it's not the shoes; they are cute and all. No, it's not the prices, either. It's just that this particular store, and its management, frustrate me to no end. You advertise clearance sales but nothing is EVER clearly marked. The organization of your store is confusing at best. And I have yet to find anyone helpful when looking for something in particular (even the manager!) Instead, someone usually just points and says "Over there." No, I don't think I'll be back...too many 2nd chances and all.

A shoe-less 5th


Dear Target,

Although not walking shoes, I love my new sandal/flip flops. Very fun!

A well-hoofed 5th


Dear NYC,

I had a fantabulous time on my recent visit. My feet still hurt, however. Too bad Rack Room wasn't helpful in my finding some decent walking shoes. Regardless of the aching feet, every step through you was a delight!

A foot weary 5th


Dear Kyle,

The one hour massage was not nearly long enough. Next time, please spend more time on the feet, okay?  (and the back, the neck, the calves, etc. too!)

A relaxed and no longer aching 5th


Dear Munchie Boy,

Could you please tell me when you grew up? You are an amazing young man and I am so very proud of you!
I love you forever.

Mama 5th


Dear Diner in my Dream,

Thank you for being patient with me as I tried to maneuver the 18-wheeler I was driving through your narrow parking lot. The fromage and kitty kibble pastry were interesting to say the least. It's nice to hear they are all the rage in Europe and although you shared your recipe with me I doubt if I will be baking these up at home. Thanks anyway.

A tummy troubled 5th


Dear Lord,

Give me strength. I can do this but only with your help.

A grateful 5th


Dear Clothes and Toiletries,

I guess you're not going to pack yourselves, are you. Okay...I'm coming, I'm coming.

A jet-setting 5th


Well, that is it for this week's installment. I leave tomorrow to visit my family and friends in Kansas. My blogging, again, will be sporadic until my return. Take care and behave in my absence. Love you!


Brian Miller said...

haha...an 18 wheeler? lol...have a great trip 5th...i head out tomorrow morning myself...and yes, they do grow up quick.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. And have another great trip.

dawn said...

Kansas,, sounds, um,, exciting? JK,, I suspect family is involved!! And that's always exciting. Who am I to make fun of Kansas? I'm from MN!! Have a wonderful time! Loved the update

Cheryl said...

Have a fantastic trip!

Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

Have a great time in Kansas!


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