Saturday, June 4, 2011

Centus-The End

no choice but
into silent past
the end of my
learning to fly
on silver wings
you had lent
to me


Jenny Matlock

Normally, the Centus is a 100 word essay or story based on a word prompt. Well my dear friend, Ms. Jenny,  decided to throw us a curve ball: a 2 word prompt and limiting us to a measly 25 words. This is what I came up with on my break at work. The prompt, as always, is in green


Unknown said...


Lynn said...

Everyone should fly:@)

Nonna said...

Beautifully done and on your break at work ? Wowee !!!

Anonymous said...

this is the perfect message I wish to hear for the day.
well done.

Skoots1moM said...

well said
i'd love to be able to fly

jfb57 said...


cj Schlottman said...

Polly, This is so touchingly beautiful, cuts gently and lovingly to my very core. The truth is always strong.

learning to fly
on silver wings
you had lent
to me"

This phrase especially inspires me. A new way to look at my many losses. Thanks.


Kim said...

Yes, take comfort and strength from our losses!

Wonderful job!

Brian Miller said...


let it go and fly on...

Susan Anderson said...

Really nice one, Polly.

=) said...

This is a really lovely and uplifting poem, and with so few words. I'm impressed.

Ames said...

Very little words...big sentiment!~Ames

shannon i olson said...

very very nice!

Christine said...

Learning to fly is so hard, it is soaring that proves we can go on.

Judie said...

You know the Shakespeare quote you left on my post? Well, back atcha, sister! That quote is one of my favorites!!

noexcuses said...

Loved this! It short of took my on a nice walk! Nice job!

Jo said...

oh, i felt this in my heart ... brilliant!

Bookie said...

So lovely, beyond more words to say so here....

Tgoette said...

You poured a lot of meaning and heart into those measly 25 words. Excellent job!

Unknown said...

I love this piece of free verse...One should fly even with borrowed wings.

Tina said...

beautiful and heartfelt. loved the wings reference

Unknown said...

Dear Polly,
You take ordinary words and give them wings! I hope your work comes out in book form one day. (Or do you already have a collection published?) You are so gifted.

It's nice to visit with you again. I have had very little time to blog since February. I'll be moving to a new apartment in July and am trying to do as much of the preparations for the move myself. So I am behind in my comments.
Best wishes,
Miss O'Hara's Last Words" SC wk 57

Lynette Killam said...

Ah, lovely! It's always good when we learn to fly again, even after our wings have been clipped...:)

Imagination Lane

Jenny said...

This made me cry.

A wish I have for everyone chained down by regrets and unable to let go of the past.

Fly. Fly free!

Absolutely lovely Miss Sister.


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