Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sacred Sunday: i found Jesus

Brian Miller of WaystationOne has agreed, once again, to host a Sacred Sunday post. For more of his work please be sure to visit his blog HERE. Thank you, Brian, for another outstanding contribution.

i met Jesus in a monastery in the mountains, across the river from pittsburgh.
He was bronze, in the foyer and when the sun shone just right through the doors, His glory would be blinding. if you were looking.
in the stairwell he stood, in monk garb, finger raised as if he had some wisdom to impart. one for the road, if you were heading out.
down the hall, on the way to the dorms, he hung on a black cross his feet resting on a bleached, macabre skull. rather gothic if you ask me.
outside the window of my room, on the brick wall, He was painted in brilliant color, radiance pouring off his head like feathers on a native american indian.
at night, i would stroll the grounds, in the garden by where He stood encased in concrete, and watch the hookers ply their trade on the corner.
i imagined Him sitting on the park bench, litter fluttering in the breeze created by cars driving by, talking with them, instead of being safe behind the wrought iron fence that kept them out. His hands a lot dirtier than these pristine portrayals.
i found Jesus on a mountain in pittsburgh. He is alive and well, and wants to know if you will come out and play.


Brian Miller said...

nice. i left people

this came out of a missions trip i was on to inner city pittsburgh. we stayed at a monastery in the hills that had some of the most unusual depictions of jesus. and on the other side of the raught iron gate the hookers did ply their trade at retrospect i wish i would have talked to them...

gayle said...

Beautifully written!! Brian, I have often regretted not talking to people!

Marla said...

I am weeping, as I type this, Brian. Weeping. I found Jesus 33 years ago, alone in my room, as I lay amidst all my brokenness. When did I lose Him and where?

I feel like one of those plying their trade. Maybe someone will talk to me. Maybe He, will talk to me again...someday.

Jingle said...

good 4 u,

Jephy's Mom said...

It's amazing how when we are willing to remove our usual filters of fear and suspicion of others, and look at them through the eyes of our Lord, we see more than just the "hooker." We realize that the person, has a story and value.

Brian Miller said...

true that Jephy's mom...i try to do that every day...

Joanna Jenkins said...

And THAT is why Brian miller should have a book publishing deal... and maybe a movie to tv series.

5thsister said...

I whole heartedly agree with you Joanna!

CherylK said...

Brian, that is a brilliant piece. The more I learn about you the more I like you.


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