Sunday, February 22, 2009


Something strange is going on. I've been "winning" alot lately.

It all started back in October. I won a monthly contest in a local women's magazine. That month's prize was basket full of skin care products. How exciting! I now have enough cleanser, eye cream, firming serum and hand lotion to last me a good long while. We all know how expensive these items can be.

In November, I bought raffle tickets at our church's Christmas Bazaar. I gave them to my son. He put all the tickets into one prize package and won! What was the prize? A weekend get-away at Ocean Isle Beach! How exciting is that? We plan on taking advantage of this prize next month, when the weather is a little nicer.

I was too busy in December to enter any contests.

January found me entering Looking Beyond Food's give-away. I was the lucky recipient of a beautiful, hand-made, designer apron.

This month, my luck passed over to my husband. He answered a trivia question correctly and received an additional year's membership to Home Owner's Club of America.

The good fortune doesn't end there. I was just informed that I have been selected as the hospital's "Spotlight Employee of the Month" for March. Now that's quite an honor (even though one is selected by random drawing).

Hmmmm. Maybe it's time to purchase a lottery ticket.


Gracey said...

I am happy for you, 5th! Well, I have always believed that a little bit of luck is important in every aspect of our lives. I hope it continues - and DO buy the lottery ticket soon, you never know! :)

thamesarino said...

I agree with Gracey... we rarely play the lottery, but every once in awhile, if you're feeling lucky... who couldn't use it right? : )
I'm glad that you won! I never won anything that I can remember until I started blogging... and now I have won TWO give-aways...
I hope you keep winning!!: )

Willoughby said...

A weekend in Ocean Isle Beach? You are soooo lucky!!!! That's my favorite place in the entire US, we vacation there every year. You have to go when it's warm enough to enjoy the beach because they have the cleanest, most uncrowded beach on the East coast. Have fun!


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