Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day!

The schools are closed. Businesses aren't operating. Grocery stores are depleted of their supplies of milk, bread and toilet paper. What calamity has created this mayhem? Our 1st snow accumulation of the season...all 1 inch of it!


thamesarino said...

isn't perspective such a funny thing?
we got shut down for 4 or 5 inches and then we heard we might get 6-12... oh my, what would happen then? : )
it missed we don't know! : )

L.B. said...

...and meanwhile, out here it's 78 degrees and I'm wearing shorts and flip flops.

Scarlett said...

Funny you should post this.. Someone just emailed me a similar story. It read, "Canada 'IS' Snow, it is a way of life, 'the norm'... however for some Toronto anything more then 1inch is 'apocalyptic'...
We in Ottawa get about 3-5 feet of snow per 'Snow Storm'..
That's why this is so funny to us, and the 'rest' of Canada.
P.S.I think this particular time, they called in the army to help... LOL...We had the same storm come thru Ottawa, we just went to work as usual."


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