Monday, February 23, 2009

The Beauty of Home Schooling

Oh the beauty of home schooling.

You can get up at 8:00am.

Stay in your jammies all morning.

Work on the subject of your choice.

And what if your hiney happens to get too cold?

Well, a kid's gotta do what a kid's gotta do!


thamesarino said...

HA!!! I love it!
I've been meaning to ask.. when did you start home-schooling? have you always done it? I do a lot of preschool type stuff with my 3 yr old now..and have been toying with the idea of home-schooling as well... I was a preschool teacher for 8 years so I think the early years woud be fine.... just curious! : )

5thsister said...

Every state has different guidelines pertaining to home schooling. I took my daughter out of private school in 5th Grade and my son out of public in the 2nd. I found a homeschooling group for support and coop enrichment courses. (I've taught geography, cooking and art) A good place to start is


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