Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daisy Update

Daisy came home last night from her last round of heartworm treatment. This was a 2 day therapy regimen as opposed to her initial one day visit last month. She definitely was not feeling well when I picked her up. She had suffered from some stress diarrhea and was bathed at the vet. She was sore and had no appetite. We spent the evening loving on her and giving her lots of attention. We need to keep her on activity restriction for another month.

Today she still not is eating well and the diarrhea persists. Fortunately she is taking her medication (it has an intense beefy flavor, thank goodness) If this continues I plan on calling the veterinarian. On a positive note, she appears to be feeling a little bit better seeking any and all attention she can get.

I so love this dog and thank God he brought her to us. Please pray for her continued healing, if you are so inclined.


Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Daisy reminds me of the dog my mom got when I was a freshman in high school *ahem* 15 years ago, Cheska. She will be in my prayers.

Willoughby said...

She looks like such a sweetie! I'm so glad her treatments are over. Poor, baby.

Daisy will be in my thoughts and prayers (and has been since you mentioned that she had heartworm).

I hope you'll post updates on her health. Get well soon, Daisy!

Katie said...

So glad you posted an update about her. We also have a black lab and let me tell you, that little man is the apple of his mother's eye. All you have to do is say his name in a stern voice and he knows he has done wrong, never once have I had to paddle his behind...the great danes on the other Anyway, I will continue to think about her and I can't wait until you let us know that she is all clear.

Raoulysgirl said...

Thinking of Daisy and her family!!! Hope all is well soon!!!

Lissaloo said...

I'm glad the treatments are finished and hope that she keeps perking up. Dogs are wonderful, amazing friends to have :)

Pelican Joe said...

So far, that "free" dog has cost $1028 (not including medicine, food, and doggie door). Wow! The cost of a "free dog" has really gone up since I was young!

5thsister said...

Face it Mr.'re a big ol' softy. God love your for it for I know I do!

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