Thursday, August 27, 2009

12 Years in the Making

12 years ago the local Catholic Diocese established St. Mark Parish in our humble little town. Masses were conducted at the local bowling alley while land was being sought in which to build our future church. The following year, as the parish grew, Masses were moved to the local college's auditorium. Additionally, the United Methodist Church was gracious enough to open their sanctuary for our Saturday evening Mass.

Over the years, a Family Center was built (in which Masses were conducted in the gymnasium) as well as a Catholic school. However, it wasn't until this past Sunday that we had a proper home. Please enjoy the following photographs, taken before and after our Dedication Mass.

Gathering at the entrance/choir girls on the piazza

The Family Center and the fountain on the piazza

Main entrance into the church/the bell tower

Stained glass window
Statue of St. Mark/The choir loft

The altar: one of a kind, made in Italy
representing the Tree of Life.
Donated by the Franciscan Seminary
that our priest attended.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus
Our Lady of Grace
St. Joseph the Worker

Universal Call to Holiness

St. Katharine Drexel
St. John Neumann
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
St. Anthony (a particular favorite saint of mine)
Mother Theresa


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for our wonderful new home!


Tracy said...

ahhh, so nice. what a great feeling. we moved into our church building (from 9 years in the local school gym) just this past fall and it is wonderful.

ChristineM said...

So beautiful! And congrats on your new church! The alter is very unique!

Lissaloo said...

What a beautiful place to go to worship, I am sure it will be much enjoyed and appreciated :)

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I have always loved Catholic churches and their artwork, your new "home" is gorgeous!

Willoughby said...


JulieH said...

Thanks for posting pictures of the completed church. I have been following the construction progress on the church website since we moved. It was nice to see the new church and some old friends in the background.
Julie H.

5thsister said...

Oh Julie! I'm glad you enjoyed this post. We miss you!


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