Friday, January 24, 2014

In My Dreams: A Flash Friday 55 Offering

I developed
a secret “super power”…
an ability to hover,
in my dreams,
as I began creating.

yet remaining

As artistic endeavors unfolded,
I soared,
slightly higher,
still tethered by rules,
and those silly little limitations 
labeled "Laws" of Gravity.

Presently exploring,
Risk taking,
(rules be damned!)
learning to fly!

Copyright 2014
The 5th Sister


Okay, so I'm rusty. I haven't written in awhile but thought I'd surprise G-Man with a Friday 55.


G-Man said...

You've come back to Earth?
We have all missed you so much.
I see you haven't lost your touch in the creativity dept.
Loved your exploratory 55
Thank You so much for returning to the Funfest, don't be such a stranger. And please remember to
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

Mary said...

I would enjoy having the ability to hover as well. I could think of a lot of places I would like to hover over to have a better view!

Anonymous said...

I used to have to go to a specialist dentist when I was a little girl. Love the laughing gas! I could really hover on that stuff!

Other Mary said...

Woo hoo! Good for you!

Sue said...

Good on you, Polly!


Willoughby said...

So happy to see you're still blogging! I've just decided to try to get back to it, myself!

Yvonne Osborne said...

Not much else to do in these frigid temps....might as well write! Damn all these little limitations.

Claudia Schlottman said...

It's nice to be back among your followers, Polly! Love this poem.

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Betty Manousos said...

Happy New Year!xoxo

love this poem.

Susan Anderson said...

I've come late to the party, but I enjoyed it all the same!



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