Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Sunday Meme?

Testing, Testing...

Am I on? Yes?

OK, good.

Hello all! I am running a "test" post to see if there would be any interest in a new Sunday Meme, since we no longer have the Sunday 160, conceived, owned, and hosted by the one and only Monkey Man. My idea is to use a similar "micro-story" theme and call it Sunday Seven. I would love it, if you are interested, to indicate your interest in the comment section below. My idea is for all of us to write an expression, micro-story or poem in just 7 words...or tell a story in 7 pictures... As long as it conveys an idea, abstract or literal, fantastical or unbelievable, in 7 components, it's all good.

I am also testing out a Mr. Linky widget. Please help me test it out by placing a link to your current blog post on this widget. This is all new and a bit "high tech" for me, so if you can humor me, I'd appreciate your help.

Thanks so much!


Brian Miller said...

seven...that is like a touchdown right?

ha see that was 7 words...smiles.

Sue said...

I did sign up for your test linky, but my blog hasn't shown up yet. Maybe there's just a delay?

7 words feels a little too micro for me, but I might try it a time or to and see if I'm wrong...


Polly Janos said...

I think 7 components could be 7 lines? Yes, I would accept that!

Cheryl said...

I tossed my current post in to help with the test. I like the idea & prefer the linky tool to in-post linking. So many folks don't seem to understand how to add that to a comment. I often struggled to get back to the 160s and Flash Friday posters' blog posts. Just my opinion.


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