Saturday, June 13, 2009

Do Not Do This!

Let this be a warning to you. Do not...I repeat...DO NOT ever, ever, ever set your gas grill near the siding of your house or this could happen to you:

And this was from 2 feet away!
*Heavy Sigh*


thrasherswife said...

A friend of ours put his under a window - big crack.... Too bad we have to learn lessons of life in these kinda ways... i so dislike the ways that cost us money!!

ChristineM said...

Bummer! Well, thankfully it wasn't anything worse than that! (says the firefighter's wife!)

Willoughby said...

Yikes! I wonder if there is a way to heat it back into shape?

Raoulysgirl said...

Oh my goodness!!! My dad did the very same thing last year!!! My siblings and I got him a new gas grill for Father's Day last year with STRICT instructions to keep it AWAY from the house!!!!


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