Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What I Wanted to Post

I wanted to post about my son.
About how sweet he is.
About how he's the happiest kid around.
But most especially about how he lives his life to his own personal soundtrack...Seriously.
He hums while he does his school work.
He hums while on the computer.
He hums along with his video game sound effects.
He'll burst out in song at any given moment.
He even sings while he eats!
Yep, he's one happy kid.
I tried to get a video of him while he was eating but he caught me. Instead, this is what I got:
Did I mention he was silly, too?
And yes, my kids are still in their jammies at lunch time.
That's the beauty of homeschool!


Willoughby said...

What a handsome boy you've got!

thamesarino said...

ha ha! my kids stay in thier jammies often.. they are little so they are the footie ones and at least I know they're warm!! : )

and it sounds like me, and now my oldest daughter... it annoys my husband at times because almost any word can start off a song from us! : ) but I love it!! : )


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