Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finally Feeling Better

I am feeling much better today, thank you very much. Normally, when I get an upper respiratory infection, I can count on a severe sinus infection to follow. That hasn't been the case in a very long time. Sinus issues have plagued me for years. I would suffer one every 2-3 months. Now, maybe at most, I may get one twice a year but they are short lived. What's my secret? The Neti Pot!

The neti pot is simply a form of sinus/nasal irrigation. It’s name is derived from jala neti, a Sanskrit word meaning “nasal cleansing with water”. This practice is common in Avurveda, a traditional Indian form of medicine.

You can find neti pots in most drug stores and natural food groceries. Many come with packets of premixed dry ingredients that you simply can add to water. I, however, find those packet mixes irritating to my sinuses so I prefer to make my own.

The directions for use are simple: Add 1/4 tsp. non iodized salt (I prefer Kosher) to 1 cup warm water. Pour this into your neti pot. Place tip of neti pot into one nostril. Keeping that nostril up, tilt your head and bend over a sink. The warm saline will begin to wash over your sinuses and drain out of the bottom nostril. You will need to breath in and out through your mouth during the rinse so remember to keep your mouth open. Once finished, blow excess saline out your nose into the sink, then blow your nose into tissues you have close at hand. Repeat with other side.

For those who are more "visual" in nature, here is my personal demonstration. (Viewer beware, not for the squeamish or faint of heart)

P.S. That snickering you hear in the background is dear daughter, whom I forced to videotape this demonstration. I had to stop the nasal wash early because she was starting to make me laugh. Trust me, you don't want to laugh while using the neti pot!


Raoulysgirl said...

That was...informative! LOL! Actually, I didn't know how to use one and I think it would probably be beneficial for me to try. Thanks for nudging me in the direction of maybe, possibly being able to do it myself...and for the giggle!

5thsister said...

Did you hear what my daughter was saying under her breath? It was "this is so wrong"! LOL. Hubby won't even watch...the whole idea gives him the "heebie jeebies". Personally, I don't find it uncomfortable at all. Actually, it's quite pleasant and being finally able to breath clearly is such a blessing indeed.

thamesarino said...

ha! my oh so romantic birthday present for my hubby this year was a netti pot and some salts! He has terrible sinuses... he uses it sometimes, but not as often as I was hoping! Maybe with more practice it will become more comfortable for him. I did it to show him it would be ok... but for me it actually disturbed the balance of sinuses... so I just leave mine alone. Luckily, I don't get sinus issues often! : )
...very brave of you to video the whole thing... because even though I want Al to use it... it still freaks me out a little... and I can't watch him... or we start to giggle!! : )
and like you said.. that's not a good idea! : )

thrasherswife said...

ok, my ex boss swore by his netti and I use to give him the hardest time. At the moment, I can't bring myself to watch your video, but kudo's to you for placing it on film. I went the drug route myself! :)

Treasure said...

Your neti pot demonstration wasn't as gross as I thought it would be. I showed it to my husband and he says he's going to try it. His family prefers natural remedies over conventional medicine and I am sure this idea will make the rounds. (Jephy'sMom)

5thsister said...

I didn't think so either, Treasure. Let me know what your husband thinks. If the mix that comes with the neti pot "stings", have him use my saline recipe. It's very gentle.


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