Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Good Time

The visit, with our adopted seminarian, went very, very well.
He fit right in with our family.
And he was a lot of fun, too:

He played (and won) Trouble with my son.
He beat my daughter at boxing (Wii Sports).

Oh, and he enjoyed my food. Dinner was a huge success! Our theme was Greek and here is what I served: For our entree, I made Greek Chicken. Although, being true to my nature I modified it. I used half black and half kalamata olives in the filling. Additionally, I added about 1 cup well drained spinach. I also used fresh herbs, rather than dried and seasoned the outside of the chicken breasts well. It was perfect. Sides included Crash Potatoes, Byrdhouse Marinated Tomatoes, Peppy's Pita Bread and my own Tzatziki Sauce. Dessert was a no brainer. Our seminarian has a birthday coming up so we had to have birthday cake served with 5 Minute Ice Cream. I make my ice cream using frozen bananas and a chopped up Hershey bar. Mmmmmm. Perfect.

Unfortunately, the visit came to an end all too soon. We were very grateful for this opportunity to get to know our seminarian better. We probably won't be able to see him again until next fall, but rest assured, he'll continue to be in our prayers. You know something...instead of 2 kids, I now have a spiritual son to add to the mix! We all, however, look forward to the day when he can be called Father.


Raoulysgirl said...

That's great! Glad to hear everything turned out so well! You all are in my prayers!

thamesarino said...

beatiful family photo!!
and I'm glad he liked your food... I love when people like what I make!
thank you for your words of support earlier... they meant a lot! : )

ChristineM said...

Mmmm...can you adopt me for a weekend or so? :)

Glad everything went well!


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