Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Tradition.

Brrrr! It's a nippy 28 degrees in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Not a time for fashion statements! There's a few minutes to go before the start of the annual Lake Norman Turkey Trot, sponsored by The Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research . All proceeds from this race goes to support children with cancer and with autism. The Turkey Trot includes a half marathon, a 10K and a 5K. We opted for the 5K and it is my sweet son's 1st race ever! My personal goal is to complete the race under 30 minutes.

Normally, when I go run, I use the time for personal prayer and meditation. For this race I decided to use the time to recite the Rosary. Usually, I complete the Rosary a few minutes before I've completed a 3 mile run. In this race I was only halfway through the last mystery when I crossed the finish line. What was my time? 28:38! Oh, and I also placed 3rd in my age division! Goal achieved.

Go, Paul, Go! Run! You can do it!!!! There's my Munchie-Boy in action! His time? 37:27! Way to go, son!

We're done, we survived, and we are very hungry! One happy and tired family who have earned their feast!

Would I do this again? Of course! Maybe next year I'll try for the 10K! (But don't hold me to that!)

And a special thank you to our darling daughter: our frost-bit, shivering, personal photographer who did not want her own photo taken. Sorry Sweet-Cheeks! You did a great job capturing the action for that I thank you.

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