Sunday, February 8, 2015

Artist Trading Cards

Recently, I was invited (well, rather invited myself) to join an Artist Trading Card (ATC) exchange. The purpose of this exchange is to share a small piece of art with a fellow artist and, in return, they share a piece with you.

The standard ATC size is around 2.5 x 3.5 inches. This is small for me. I prefer working in the 11 x 14  to 16 x 20 range. I enjoy a challenge and getting involved in a project such as this is quite motivating for me.

This past week, between working full time and other things demanding my time and attention, I was able to churn out 3 of these miniature works. I worked with ink stains, acrylics, gesso, charcoal, ephemera, and molding paste on canvas paper. My goal was to create fun, whimsical pieces. Here are a few examples of some of what I'm working on thus far.

Robin Red Breast
5th Sister Original
Copyright 2015

Snow Angel
5th Sister Original
Copyright 2015

Island Girl
5th Sister Original 
Copyright 2015

5th Sister Original
Copyright 2015

I recently received my 1st ATC from a dear old friend (going back to 3rd grade!). Her substrate was a small wooden panel. I think I shall borrow that technique on future endeavors. I love her loose work, and bold use of color. And being a Kansas girl, myself...I can't help but be drawn to a subject matter dear and near to my heart: Sunflowers! Thank you, Chris!

Chris Exline Olson
Copyright 2015


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